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A DVD  Review by Paul Perkins

Cast: :Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, Mykelti Williamson, Sally Field, David Brisbin.           
Director:  Robert Zemeckis
Producers:  Steve Tisch
Screenplay:  Eric Roth
PG-13  Running Time: 150 Mins  Studio: Paramount                                          More Film info:  Click Here    Sound Formats:  

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Plot: The title character leads viewers through an accidental travelogue of American social history from the early 1960s through the present in this revisionist fable. Vietnam, desegregation, Watergate and more are presented from the perspective of Hanks' lovably slow-witted character as he finds himself embroiled in situations he can't quite comprehend.


Audio: Well the audio is great on the disc. Esp. during the war scenes at one point of the film. There was a song I like and I crank up the volume and i forgot about the gun fight and when it hit it scary the living daylights out of me. The film has Dolby Digital 5.1 surrond mix as well as French Dolby surround.

Video: Forrest Gump in a wide screen 1.85:1 theatrical aspect ration as we would expect. The colors are well rendered. Esp. doing the war scenes. The colors and contrast look good. I did notice couple of flaws and disc slow downs. But overall not bad.                  

Menus: The menus are interactive and have some of the score from the film. they are easy to use and navigate. 

DVD Cover & Reviews: The dvd is package in a double dvd case which takes up so much space. they should have made a smaller case like Hannibal or Castaway. The inside sleeve has Tom Hanks on the cover and Pics from the film. The two Dvd itself has Forest on the bench on the first disc and him being the director on the second.                         

Special Features: The special features is the biggest part of the this Two Disc set. There is a ton of Documentaries on the disc. Here is a breakdown. 1. Through the Eyes of Forrest Gump. It is a 30 mins Documentary. Which is pretty good it was film during the production -post production stage there is a lot of info in it. There are screen test from the stars. There is a 7 mins build the world of Gump which was very good and tell how they made the set and other things. One of the biggest things on the disc is the visual effects documentaries they last about 35 mins and have a lot of good info in them and tells a lot of the different scenes. Last but the least is the trailer and a remember Forrest trailer. And a photo slideshow.

Overall: Forrest Gump Is a great dvd and Thanks god they finally release it on DVD This disc is worth every penny of the price it has a ton for you to see add this to your collection you will not be disappointed.


2001 Paul Perkins

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